Money Lending

The Company had, through a wholly-owned subsidiary, applied for and in October 2015 successfully obtained a money lenders license under the Money Lenders Ordinance (Chapter 163 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to conduct money lending business in Hong Kong through the provision of loans. The Company will strive to gain position in the financing services market by providing flexible, convenient and tailormade services to raise accessibility to the Group’s financing services. We are strong and confident in meeting our customers’ financial needs with simple requirements and fast approval procedures. We cater for the needs of all kinds of customers.

The Group are of the view that despite the keen and intense market competition, and in addition to the recent stringent policy imposed by HKMA, the market demand for loan products remains strong. Being the best alternative to banks’ loan, and leveraging on our ample experience in loan business, with diversified products and services, together with our prudent, lasting and effective approach in implementing loan policies, we believe we remain highly competitive in the money lending market and we are confident about the future performance of our loan portfolio, interest income and profit which will generate promising returns to our Shareholders in foreseeable future..